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Who are the Brethren of the Great Lakes?
The Brethren Pirates are a (dis)organized group that occasionally travel together for an adventure. Members come and go at their leisure and are encouraged to participate in any adventures they sail too close to. And they’re more real than you think. The pirates of the Brethren are not the same type of pirates you need to avoid when in the various waterways of the world. They won’t kill you for your goods or kidnap your children. But these pirates do look for treasures and go on adventures. They do “obtain” things mysteriously, and do live life a certain way. Some study the water, some sail, some study history, but all of them take the mantle of pirate seriously. But mostly they like to have fun, in whatever ways they can, and they often like to entertain. Pirates each have their own talents, some sing or play instruments, some are sword fighters, some are jugglers, some are historians, others are fire-eaters, still others are crafters. Quite a few are or were members of different performance groups. Each pirate usually has something that they are known for. The Brethren attend events or produce their own, they work fund raisers, promotions, and generally try to put a little fun in everyone’s lives.

So if'n yer a Captain, swabby, or somewhere in-between, keep a close eye on what we dredge up from the depths, adventure, and even a bit o' treasure turns up from time to time.

Here's where ye find all the needed information of upcoming events for the Brethren of the Great Lakes, as well as information on the brethren themselves.

Educational services:
The Brethren of the Great Lakes gives discussions and lectures on piracy.

  • Piracy through the ages; Pirates in the Ancient World, Pirates of the Renaissance Period, Pirates during the Golden Age of Piracy, Pirates and Privateers of the American Revolution, Modern Piracy, as well as a General Overview of Pirates.
  • Life as a Pirate
  • Pirate Ships; Longboat to Schooner
  • Pirate Weapons and Tactics
  • Buccaneers, Corsairs, Pirates, and Privateers
  • Pirates of fiction; Long John Silver to Captain Jack Sparrow
  • Pirates in History; Blackbeard, Kidd, Rackam, and others
  • Navigation During the Age of Sail
  • Admiralty Law

Meet and Greet. Pirates add flair and excitement to any promotion and the Brethren are experts at making any gathering more fun for the guests. Contests are a great way to involve your guests and promote your business and the Brethren can host a variety of different contests and competitions.

Entertainment and Bookings:
The Brethren of the Great Lakes can attend to any entertainment needs whether you'd like groups of pirates for an usual addition to existing entertainment or you're looking for pirate themed entertainment to headline your event.

  • Stage shows; comedy, plays, music, games, and other stage performances
  • Combat shows; demonstrations and fight skits with hand weapons such as swords and axes to black powder pistols and cannon.
  • Story telling for any age group.
  • Rum Tastings; a fun addition to any adult oriented event, have pirates discuss the history and trivia of the various rums that are served.

The Brethren of the Great Lakes offer full production services and can plan and organize your event from start to finish. The Brethren have organized everything from private parties to city wide festivals and everything in between.

Write to:
Brethren of the Great Lakes
1805 N. Philip Rd
Niles MI 49120


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